// eSports//

eSports is a form of competition using video games and often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams. In 2019, it was estimated that the total audience of esports would grow to 454 million viewers and that revenues would increase to over US$1 billion.

Since 2016, beActive has been an active force in the eSports arena, producing event, content, live streaming, TV Shows and even fiction series around this universe. beActive created and produced “RTP Arena”, Portuguese public broadcaster weekly TV Magazine about eSports that spans around different platforms, that include Radio, Digital, and Social Media. beActive eSports also produces weekly live streams of CS:GO and FIFA competitions

// Events and Productions //

– Twitch Live streams
– TV Magazine production for RTP
– Event Production and eSports competitions
– Digital content for the Internet and Social Media
– Live streams of Portuguese CS:GO League
– Localization of eSports content
– Live streams of Portuguese FIFA League organized by FPF
– The Players – Fictional TV series set in the world of eSports