This 18-page guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to prepare a funding application and how to pitch a Transmedia or Cross-media entertainment project including examples, secret tips and more:

The Art of a Transmedia Pitch

Transmedia and Multi-platform projects can be very complex and hard to pitch. Follow this step-by-step advice to get your pitches more clear and exciting.

Transmedia Funding:The Entrepreneurial
Approach to Storytelling

More than a storyteller you now need to be an entrepreneur. Think a Transmedia or Cross-media project like an enterprise. Think about audience, about engagement and return of investment to your funders.

The Perfect Transmedia Pitch

They many not exist but on this eBook you will find useful tips and tricks that will allow you to master the art of Transmedia and Cross-media pitching.

The benefits of Transmedia

Why should you care about Transmedia? Why should you work more, learn more skills for smaller budgets? Discover why a Multi-platform approach can really help you to beat the odds and get your Film, Documentary or TV Series funded in record time.


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